What Factors Should You Really Consider In Choosing A Portable Asphalt Plant

Because the construction industry keeps growing, there is also a demand for the ideal types of equipment so that these construction projects could be completed faster plus more efficiently. A portable asphalt plant can be an important machine with your fleet. By selecting the best type of unit, you will be bringing efficiency and optimum production to your business operations.

According to manufacturers in the business, there are numerous key areas that should be considered when you are finding the right form of portable asphalt plant. Three of such factors are production, portability and maintenance.


When selecting a portable asphalt plant, one of the first things that you will need to take into account is the kind of production it is possible to obtain from the plant. For almost any construction job, it is important that you will find the right form of equipment on hand as a way to meet and exceed the position requirements.

In order to better understand how much production you will need, you have got to do some basic math calculations. Production rates typically are measured in tph (tons hourly). You will additionally must calculate the amount of days weekly you will certainly be operating the plant. These numbers can help you determine the very last output.

For instance, when there is a company that needs 400,000 tons annually, the portable asphalt plant must be producing just below 32,000 tons every month. If the plant will probably be operational 3 days per week, which is around 13 days each and every month. So, on an eight hour workday, the plant should process around 300 tph. Learn further here: https://aimixgroup.id/bitumen-mixing-plant/

mini size asphalt plant

It is important to comprehend the volume of production that is required therefore you will what measurements of portable asphalt plant you will require.

Should you buy machine that is either too large or too small, it can be damaging to your general production rate.


It is additionally necessary for contractors to spend some time to take into account portability and the time period that is necessary when putting together an asphalt plant.

The ease of an asphalt plant’s setup is very important because any downtime is quite expensive to the contractor and investor. You desire in order to quickly get into a jobsite, quickly setup the asphalt plant and start working immediately.

There are many plants which are considered labor intensive since they may need several days before they can be completely setup and operational. However, having a portable asphalt plant, contractors might only need an hour or so.


Having comfort of maintenance can also be an important factor when choosing a portable asphalt plant. These types of plants create very dirty environments. The production numbers you might be getting are completely useless if you have a plant with dirt and debris accumulation containing caused the appliance to turn off. Visit Aimix to learn more.

You will find portable asphalt plants on the market together with the technology that prevents the plants from closing because of sticky residue and make up.

Even though there is lots of emphasis being added to technology within the construction industry, most contractors still prefer reliability over almost every other feature in terms of their equipment fleet. Portable asphalt plants offer benefits and has that can make construction projects more cost effective and efficient.

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