Tips Keeping Your Concrete Mixer Pump Working Efficiently

Construction equipment is an extremely expensive investment that companies should have for his or her companies. For this reason it is crucial that a businessman does their due diligence to make certain that these assets are maintained properly. Fortunately, a high quality concrete mixer pump that is well-maintained can operate efficiently for a long time.

It is important that any repair or maintenance technician and employees know how this kind of machinery works. A repair technician should likewise realize how to diagnose and troubleshoot any conditions that may arise. Routine maintenance will even prevent maintenance issues down the road.

Critical Maintenance Tasks To Get A Concrete Mixer Pump

One of the more critical maintenance tasks for this type of equipment is maintenance of the concrete mixer drum. If concrete is allowed to dry inside of the drum, it can cause severe operational issues over time. The concrete will coat the inside of the drum and gradually lessen the amount and level of concrete the drum is capable of holding.

Even if this may sound like a simple problem to settle, it can be hard to remove residual concrete inside the drum after it has dried. You can test to employ a pressure washer to completely clean the drum though it may be rotating it is not the most effective way to remove dried concrete. Learn more details here:


There are businesses that provide these facilities for chemical and industrial pressure washing, but even these services do not completely take away the concrete that is located in the drum. If it occurs, the only method to effectively get rid of the concrete is to use a jackhammer. Some companies have even started chipping the residual concrete away not just in the mixer, but also the pump equipment.

How You Can Monitor Concrete Equipment Maintenance

Including the most vigilant technician may not recognize you will find a downside to their machinery until it really is far too late. However, these mixers are now able to use technology to deliver comprehension of what is going on inside of the drum and within the bonnet. The old saying is valid, revention is usually superior to the cure? The more problems you may avoid the less down money and time you should spend if you find a challenge together with your equipment. Visit this website to learn more:

Monitoring dashboards are becoming more commonplace in the marketplace together with other industries that utilize heavy equipment machinery. New software allows repair and maintenance technicians to look at several variables including fuel burn, component life, machine operation and site.

Firms that have large fleets can be helped by this sort of system that may provide comprehension of problems that are standard with either the concrete pump or maybe the concrete mixer.

The program will even alert technicians to once the equipment has to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, the fee for maintaining the machine may be reduced and gratifaction can be improved through this software and training workers to utilize the software.

A concrete mixer pump is really a machine from the construction industry. Maintaining this equipment can help to save companies thousands of hours and dollars in labor, repairs and downtime.


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