Why A Concrete Mixer Pump Is A Multi-functional Machine

Concrete pumps and concrete mixers are both frequently used pieces of equipment on modern construction sites. They help to shorten the completion period of projects and enable workers to use great accuracy and less physical stress on their health. To the uninitiated, however, the difference between mixers and pumps can be hard to determine within the concrete equipment landscape. Especially when it is now possible to buy concrete mixer pumps, that happen to be all-in-one devices well-liked by many construction businesses.

Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is engineered to move wet concrete to where it is actually needed with minimal mess. There are 2 main varieties of pumps available: boom pumps and ground pumps. Ground pumps are used to convey concrete horizontally using a pipe network. The pipes can fit through small spaces, so perfect for getting a great deal of concrete into areas that happen to be difficult to access by using a wheelbarrow.

Boom pumps have a foldable, hydraulic arm which is used to transport concrete vertically and over obstacles. Such pumps are perfect for building high rise structures, like residential tower blocks. They can even be just the thing for getting concrete to ground areas that obscured by buildings. Both types of concrete pumps enable the fast, accurate delivery of wet concrete towards the required locations.

Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers are widely used to manufacture wet concrete from cement powder, water, and other aggregates. As the concrete in portable concrete mixers is created in batches, it is possible to alter the formula from the concrete between different batches. The two main main kinds of concrete mixers: volumetric mixers and barrel mixers. Each kind is most effective for a variety of applications.

Concrete Mixer Pumps

A concrete mixer pump is a multi-functional machine that could both mix and convey concrete. The benefits of this kind of machine add a small footprint, inexpensive, high efficiency, and portability. You can get both electric and diesel concrete mixer pumps in the marketplace. The machines are frequently trailer-mounted or rugged-mounted so they are easy to move around a job site or a location that has rough, uneven terrain.

One of the leading manufacturers of concrete mixer pumps is Aimix Group. The company has customers in countries worldwide, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Phillippines, the UK and more. They offer a variety of different concrete mixer pump designs, including diesel type and electric-powered units.

AIMIX concrete mixer pump exported

With regards to comparing different diesel concrete mixer pumps, some specs to look at include mixer rated feed capacity, maximum hourly concrete output, mixer rated discharge capacity, maximum concrete pumping pressure, and distribution valve type. Get further info at this page: http://concretemachinerypro.com/concrete-pump-equipment/concrete-mixer-pump-truck/.

When viewing electric type concrete mixer pumps, you should also compare winding motor power, water pump motor power and mixing motor power. One of many great things about diesel-powered machines with hydraulic motors is simply because they don’t require an external electricity source for operation. This makes them well suited for utilize in remote areas. You may get a quote for popular diesel concrete pumps available for sale on Aimix Group’s website.


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