All you have to Learn About Lightweight Concrete Mixer Pumps

The lightweight concrete mixer pump is really a small-sized multifunctional concrete pump. It combines the functions of feeding, mixing, and high-pressure pumping, making it one of the most effective and reliable construction tools. The mixer pump has a variety of applications, which significantly helps you to expand the scope of any construction business. Its demand has risen over the years amongst project managers because of the efficiency it produces in construction projects. Nowadays, you can find mixer pumps in almost all types of constructions.

Uses of Lightweight Concrete Mixer Pump

The mixer pump has a wide array of applications including building construction, ground beam projects, seawall constructions, slope protections projects, tunnel constructions, bridge constructions, and ground beam projects. It is ideal for rural constructions where buildings don’t exceed five to ten stories.

Typically, the mixer pump features a horizontal pumping distance of 150 to 300 meters and a vertical pumping distance of 80 to 100 meters. Additionally, this concrete mixer pump has an output capacity of 30 to 40 m3/h, meaning that it is able to relaibly meet the criteria of small to medium concrete constructions.

Kinds of Lightweight Concrete Mixer Pumps

You will find mainly two types of concrete mixer pumps, and also this is based on the sort of engine accustomed to drive them electric concrete mixer pump and diesel concrete mixer pump.

– Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

This kind of mixer pump is driven from a diesel engine and is described as high mixing quality and pumping efficiency. It can be used in any construction site irrespective of the availability of power. It provides stable and reliable performance in all kinds of constructions and it has the lowest fuel consumption rate. This is basically the most popular and popular version mainly because it has low limitations. Learn further here:

aimix concrete mixer pump sent to Indonesia

– Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

The electric concrete mixer pump is a very effective piece of machinery in areas where there is certainly sufficient electricity. It utilizes an advanced electrical control system, which enables it to obtain an increased degree of automation. Additionally, it adopts a sophisticated hydraulic pump on an increased degree of safety and reliability. In addition, it provides low emission levels.

What Are the Benefits associated with Buying A Quality Lightweight Concrete Mixer Pump?

1. Low Priced and High Efficiency

A concrete mixer pump significantly helps to save on labor costs when it comes to concrete mixing and conveying, as merely one worker is needed to operate the machine. The lightweight concrete mixer pump has 4 -6 times the efficiency of a traditional concrete mixer and concrete pump. This permits for significant cost savings with regards to construction and labor costs.

2. Mobility

The concrete mixer pump effectively combines the functions of concrete mixing and concrete pumping into one compact machine. This machine can be transported by car chassis from a single construction site to a different. learn more here:

3. Top Level of Automation

Most lightweight concrete mixer pumps are highly automated as they have advanced computerized systems. This not simply really helps to ease around the labor intrusiveness of a project, it also helps to increase the amount of efficiency.

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