Types And Benefits Associated With Concrete Pumps In Indonesia

Concrete pumps are of help tools in the construction industry simply because they facilitate the transportation of concrete in liquid form from the purpose of manufacturing of the specific site. They have got helped to get rid of the requirement for workers carrying around concrete by making use of equipment like wheelbarrows, that happen to be time-consuming.

Also, they are safe because moving concrete within the open exposes workers to health threats. The machines are available in various sizes to fulfill each of the available demands. Choosing a design is entirely based upon the requirements and kinds of construction going. The key 2 kinds of pumps range from the following two models.

Ground Pump

Other names include a trailer or possibly a line pump. This sort of concrete pump works by attaching hoses of varying lengths towards the main output of the concrete pump. First, it needs to get anchored to some stable object just like a building or perhaps a truck then, the hoses lie in line towards the specific location. Read more at AIMIX Indonesia.

The pipes can certainly maneuver any obstacle within the construction to arrive at the assigned area successfully. When the place is very far, an additional extension gets attached for efficiency. Due to long hoses, the concrete takes some a lot of time to reach thewebsite, according to the length.

Therefore, this may cause the pump more ideal for places which do not have high demands for concrete. Such sites include sidewalks, private pools, and small residential homes. Furthermore, the hoses are flexible, making the pump more versatile for use in lots of inaccessible locations.

concrete mixer pump s

Boom Pump

Boom pumps are mainly ideal in construction sites which need high numbers of concrete within a short period and then in remote locations where vehicles can not access. The pump is made from strong, durable materials to access all types of areas with varying geographical factors. In addition, it needs to get linked to a truck just like the ground pump. Read more here: https://aimixgroup.id/small-concrete-boom-pump-for-sale/.

It possesses a robotic arm that operates automatically to direct concrete towards the accurate location. The robotic arm is efficient since it ensures no spillages and wastages of concrete through the pumping since simply the required amount comes at particular times. It will also extend to a more extended height based on the location and additional reduce if needed. The equipment pumps concrete under high pressure, therefore, saving on time and costs with regards to energy consumption.


Considering all of the above features, as stated before, concrete pumps can be efficient in delivering concrete for the site in the more timely manner. The automation system cuts down on labor costs and decreases the perils associated with irregularities of pumping simply because it accurately performs its tasks to precision. The opportunity to use very minimal time causes it to be power efficient as well as reliable. They may be of very durable material therefore, they could get used regardless of the weather.


As with all other machine, frequent maintenance is recommendable to avoid failures, that might cause a total de-activate hence inconveniencing you. The concrete pumps also come in different sizes and fashions, as well as your choice is entirely based upon the construction demands that you have. An affordable budget will also assist you to get one that will work suitably.

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