Learn More about Components Of A Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

A mobile asphalt mixing plant is incredibly a good choice for construction projects of the small to medium scale. It is for portability with mobility features that facilitate its easy movement from a construction site to another. A lot of the components are mounted on trailers and relocated from one site to another. Such flexibility, together with the capability to make asphalt continuously get this plant an economical investment.

Here below are among the areas of a mobile asphalt mixing plant:

Components of a mobile asphalt mixing plant

  1. Cold Aggregate Feeding System

This technique is accountable for directing raw materials in the plant. Its content has aggregate feeding hoppers and conveyor belts to load the aggregates. While using belt feeder, it could deliver aggregates smoothly and continuously to the plant. Read more at https://aimixgroup.id/mobile-asphalt-mixing-plant/.

  1. Drum Dryer with Oil Burner

An effortless running and low noise factor that has 4 frictional wheels which can be powered by 4 synchronous motors. It is very important in producing the best asphalt since the grade of the ultimate product is heavily affected by the dried aggregate’s temperature. Most modern dryers are efficient in minimizing the consumption of fuel.

  1. Mobile Mixing Tower

The mixing tower provides the asphalt mixer, vibration screen, weighing hopper, hot aggregate storage bin, and weighing equipment. The creation of asphalt essentially happens in this chamber.

  1. Dust Collector

The dust collector ensures limited pollution levels in the mobile asphalt mixing plant. It offers the key primary gravity collector and a secondary system. The collector can work under high temperature which is extremely durable. Depending on its high efficiency, which exceeds 99%, the dust collector allows your plant to simply abide by environmental regulations. Learn further from https://aimixgroup.id/asphalt-mixing-plant-for-sale/.

  1. Control Room and Control System

The general charge of the complete mobile asphalt mixing plant is carried out using electrical controls. By adopting electrical controls, a higher measure of precision is achieved during feeding, along with the safety and longevity of the plant are enhanced.

Each one of these components are typically placed on a trailer chassis and may be transported from one site to the next. Installation is incredibly simple and easy enables you to take care of your construction schedule.

Why Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant?

There are many advantages of utilizing a mobile asphalt plant, specially in small to medium construction projects. The key benefit is that you could easily move the plant to your location that you desire. Furthermore, a mobile asphalt mixing plant takes a limited time to create, provides flexibility, produces asphalt quickly on the project site, minimizes waste, and delivers continuous and reliable asphalt production. Visit https://aimixgroup.id/ to learn more.

With a compact and modular design, a mobile asphalt mixing plant easy is to create and transport. It can be used effectively on projects like roads, bridges, ports, and airport runways. Besides, perfect for emergencies that need immediate construction work. Consider a mobile asphalt mixing plant to provide your preferences in a nutshell to medium term projects or emergency construction where you could easily take apart the plant and deploy it to a different site.

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