Tips on Choosing The Most Suitable Mini Concrete Plant

By now, you are aware of how important a concrete mixing machine is in modern construction. It is the one equipment that you won’t miss in any construction site. The days when construction workers would struggle for hours manually mixing concrete are long gone. No longer do they have to endure unnecessary fatigue, back, neck, and shoulder pains and other types of injuries with the mechanization of the concrete production process.

The introduction of concrete mixing plants has brought about a lot of conveniences such as the increased speed of concrete production, increased quality and uniformity of concrete, reduced need for human labor amongst other benefits. If you are looking to buy a concrete plant, the large conventional concrete plant might not be economical and practical for all types of constructions. This is why the mini concrete plant was brought into the market. Read more at

For those handling small to medium-sized projects, and domestic construction, a mini concrete offers the perfect solution. Not only is it cheaper than the larger version, but it also able to meet the requirements of such projects. It is important to note that even though they might have a smaller size and capacity, mini concrete plants function just like the larger plants. They still offer stable and reliable performance. If your construction business is in its early stages, a mini concrete plant can give you some much-needed boost and offer you a great opportunity to generate a high amount of revenue.


No matter the type of construction that you are carrying out, it is important to ensure that you get the type of mini concrete plant for your projects. Mini concrete plants have different features and specifications, hence you have to choose the one that meets your needs.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get the right mini concrete plant. Or read further at

  1. Type of Plant

Basically, there are two main types of mini concrete batching plants based on portability. These two types are the portable mini concrete plant and the stationary mini concrete plant. To determine which one is right for you, you have to consider whether you will need to shift the equipment frequently or not. If you don’t plan on changing the construction location for a long time, then a stationary plant is right for you. But if you are handling many small-medium constructions in different locations, then choose a portable type.

Due to the compact design of the portable plant, it is easier and faster to assemble, disassemble, and transport.

  1. Production Capacity

Different models of mini concrete batching plants have different capacities. Therefore, depending on your daily volume targets, you will be able to choose the model that is able to sufficiently accommodate your production needs. Visit AIMIX Indonesia to learn more.

  1. Level of Automation

The convenience and ease of operation of the batching plant is determined by the level of automation of the plant. Some mini concrete batching plants are semi-automatic while others are fully automatic. It goes without saying that the fully automatic version is easier to and more convenient, however, it is more expensive than the semi-automatic version.

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