Introduction To The Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

A mini mobile concrete batching plant is a type of small concrete mixing machine that is portable. In comparison to a stationary concrete batching plant, the mini mobile version is easy to move and is consequently most suitable for construction projects that have short durations across multiple locations.

These days more and more construction firms are opting to invest in portable concrete batching plants to increase their productivity and eliminate the cost of having to transport ready-mixed concrete to job sites. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to choose the best models of concrete mixing plant for their construction projects, and many even lack a basic understanding of various plant specifications. Fortunately, this article will attempt to provide a brief introduction to mini concrete batching plant machinery.

Applications Of Portable Concrete Batching Plants For Sale

Mini concrete batch plants have durable integrated units that mix concrete mechanically, evenly and intensively. They are suited to mix all types of concrete include wet concrete, semi-dry concrete, hard concrete, and no-slump concrete. They are typically used for the construction of roads, bridges, medium-sized dams, and other building projects.


A typical mini mobile concrete batching plant is comprised on nine components: mixing console, aggregates hoisting system, aggregate batcher machine, cement supply system, weighing system, electrical control system, water supply system, discharge system, and operation control system. The mixing drum of the best portable concrete batching plant has good mixing quality, big capacity, high productivity, and high-tech blades for reduced energy consumption. With the right equipment, mixing time can be significantly reduced, meaning construction projects can be completed at a faster rate. Learn further at

It is possible to use all different types of aggregates with a concrete batching machine including sand, pebble, stone, coal ash, and other materials. Most plants can allocate up to four different aggregates simultaneously for high efficiency and high-grade concrete production.

The weighting system included in a mini mobile concrete batching plant is used to weigh cement powder, aggregates, water, and additives. The accuracy of the weighting system will depend on the quality of the plant. The best plants have weighting systems with error margins of less than +/-0.5%.

There are three different types of discharge systems that can be used with a portable concrete mixing plant. The type you choose will depend on the nature of your company’s construction projects and its budget. The three types are: pneumatic discharging, manual discharging, and hydraulic discharging. Mini mobile plants with manual discharge systems are obviously the cheapest option.

A mobile concrete batching plant’s water supply system consists of a pipeline, water pump, and water tank. The water tank allows firms to mix concrete on the way to construction sites when there is no permanent water supply. Learn more from

In general, the concrete production capacity of mobile mixing batch plants is limited to 35 cubic meters per hour, but models with larger production capacities are available. The gross weight of a portable mixing plant is around 15 tons. Before you buy a plant for your construction business, be sure to research the pros and cons of equipment from different brands.

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