Factors Determining Asphalt Mixing Plant Prices

Are you wondering what the average asphalt mixing plant price is? The truth is that the price depends on a multitude of factors, including plant configuration, capacity (30t/h, 100t/h, 250t/h, etc.) and plant type (hot recycling plant, mobile, drum mix, batch mixing, etc.). The cost will mainly be determined by the core requirements of your project. Of course, choosing the right manufacturer is also important for benefiting from the most competitive prices. In order to get asphalt mixing plant price quotes from different suppliers, you need to be able to clearly state your specific requirements.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Type

With so many different varieties of mixing plants for sale, such as portable asphalt plants, hot mix plants, stationary continuous asphalt plants and more, buyer research is key. You need to research the advantages and drawbacks of each type of plant in regard to your asphalt manufacturing project. The cost difference between different plant types is also very high. A stationary mixing plant, for example, can cost more than tens times as much as a mini portable asphalt batch mix plant.

Hot Mix Plant Capacity

Choosing an asphalt mixing plant with sufficient capacity (hourly asphalt production output) for your needs is essential. You don’t want to invest in an undersized plant only to have to replace it with a larger capacity model. The capacity of different asphalt mixing plant is typically quoted in tons per hour, but drum mix plants often also have the mixing drum sizes listed. If you are not sure how to determine your required plant capacity, be sure to contact a top-rated asphalt plant supplier to discuss your project. The supplier will be able to help you select the perfect solution for your asphalt manufacturing needs. Learn further at https://aimixgroup.id/asphalt-drum-mix-plant/.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Configurations

There are many different design options open to you when it comes to choosing an asphalt mixing plant configurations. Some of the things to take into account include the size of meshes for vibrating screen, attached bitumen tank size, fuel tank size, finished mixture temporary storage facilities, baghouse dust collector quantities, aggregate hopper sizes and much more. Think about which brand of burner you want to buy, as well as speed reducer and electrical component manufacturers. The layout of your asphalt mixing plant and your choice of components will have an impact on the total cost of your project.

Asphalt Plant Prices

If you plan to buy your asphalt mix plant from an overseas supplier, there some other asphalt plant price terms that you need to understand, including ex-factory price, FOB price, CIF price, and dutiable value. CFI stands for “Cost, Insurance and Freight” and is typically covered by the seller. Refer to AIMIX to learn more. It refers to the cost of manufacturing, transporting and insuring goods until they reach the buyer’s destination port. The dutiable value is a value added to the total price by customs to collect tariffs on all imported and exported goods. Don’t worry about understanding all of the import taxes and charges, as overseas suppliers will provide you with a simple breakdown of all costs included in your asphalt mixing plant price quote.

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