Tips For Finding Nice Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

If you are looking to purchase a portable asphalt plant, the importance of selecting from premier models should not be underestimated. When you are investing money in any type of industrial construction equipment, you want to be sure that you are obtaining machinery made from high-grade components to guarantee a long service lifespan.

If you don’t buy a premium mobile asphalt plant for sale, you could find yourself having to spend more on repairs and replacements costs over the long term. High-grade mixing plant machinery is designed to last eight years with proper maintenance. What’s more, cheap, low-grade mixing machinery tends to be very inefficient, so it can have high running costs and be unable to produce high-quality asphalt with any type of consistency.

Before beginning your search for a portable asphalt plant, you should take the time to create a list detailing your basic requirements. Consider how much asphalt your business needs for a typical construction project. You don’t want to overspend on a plant with larger production capacities than you require. At the same time, you don’t want to buy an undersized plant that is not capable of meeting the asphalt requirements of your business. You also need to consider the power requirements of various models and how quickly they can be assembled and dissembled. Since you are looking for a mobile asphalt plant, you obviously want to select equipment that is easy to transport.

After you have created a list of some of your basic criteria, you next need to compile a list of top-rated asphalt plant manufacturers. Try to limit your list to recognized global brands. You will find many ready compiled lists on some of the best independent asphalt plant manufacturer comparison websites. On those websites, you can also often find detailed plant reviews from industry insiders and previous customers.

When compiling a list of different portable asphalt plant manufacturers be sure to note down the contact details and website address of each supplier. Doing so will make it easy for you to carry out further research, such as finding out how many different models of mixing plants they have for sale and estimated mobile asphalt drum plant costs. Read more here.

It’s important not to become overwhelmed by the large selection of different hot mix asphalt plants for sale online. The fact that there are so many kinds of plants in the marketplace means that prices remain competitive and you can acquire mixing equipment that matches the exact requirements of your construction business.

Once you find a portable asphalt drum mix plant that you would like to purchase, be sure to spend some time talking to the manufacturer directly. If you choose your words carefully, it should be possible for you to negotiate a generous discount on the listed price of the model. Refer to AIMIX Group to learn more. Furthermore, you need to contact the supplier directly in order to obtain information about shipping costs and shipping times. You might also want to book an engineer to come to your factory to help with the setup and commissioning of your plant.

Tips on Choosing The Best Mini Asphalt Plant

Mini asphalt plants have mini productivity and a mini-land occupation and are much more suitable to produce batch asphalt for the airport, port, expressway, urban roads, etc. There are a few major types of mini plants you could consider:

  1. Mini Hot

With this type, you can produce high-quality asphalt and can lengthen the service life of your construction requirements. Since the asphalt plant has an in-built heat device, popularly called a drying drum, the raw materials will be heated when they pass through. The moisture in materials will be removed, which can significantly improve the purity of the particular materials. Sand, mineral powder and pebble are the common ingredients.

  1. Convenient Mini

Convenient asphalt plants are equipped with wheels such that they can be freely moved from one place to another. What’s more, it can either be installed or disassembled in just a single day. If you have lots of construction sites, this convenient mini mobile asphalt mixing plant will surely be your excellent option.

  1. Continuous Drum Type

With drum type, it implies that the asphalt mixing approach is carried out in a drum. In case you’re well-versed in using asphalt drum mix plant, then you already know that the raw materials will pass via the drum, where they will be screened. In this type, we choose to take up to continuous mixing production, mixing, drying, and heating of the aggregate are conducted in the same drum. To some degree, this method can save on the production period and the land occupation.

  1. Compulsory Type

This type is built with a compulsory mixer. Therefore, drying and heating of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are obligatory carried out periodically. Most of these plants will mix asphalt pot by pot, productivity relies on the kind of mini asphalt batching plant. Read more from

Tips for Choosing the Best Mini Asphalt Plants

  • You need to identify the scale of your construction project so that you could choose the most appropriate mini asphalt plants.
  • Make a choice depending on the quality and the amounts of asphalt you need. Different mini asphalt plants are classified differently, each with various features. Make sure to check out those specifications so that you can pick the most suitable plant based on the guidance.
  • Make sure to take a look at the conditions of the auxiliary equipment to be aware of the specifications of the particular mini asphalt plant, the design, as well as the dimensions. All these will be useful in making your decision.
  • Based on your construction requirements, in case your asphalt process takes a long time, you could opt for a mini stationary mixing plant. If not, you could go for a mini mobile plant. In addition, if you have multiple sites to move your asphalt materials, then a mobile type mini plant will be an excellent choice for you. You can also easily set it up for a single project, and later disassemble it for an alternative project in a different place; this is very convenient. Refer to learn more.

Where to Find The Best Suppliers That Sell Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt is a smooth surface that’s easy to maintain, which means it offers a number of advantages over concrete. If you’re interested in investing in this equipment, you’ll want to find some of the best suppliers that sell asphalt mixing plants.

The Best Prices

Not all suppliers charge the same rates, even when they carry the same kinds of products. Because of this, when you’re comparing different suppliers, one of the main things you’ll want to look at is their pricing. You should try to find suppliers with very reasonable rates.

How can you find suppliers that sell the goods you want at the right price? You may want to look at suppliers that are based overseas. In some cases, international suppliers will offer better rates than what you would be able to find domestically.

The Most Impressive Selection

You should be able to buy the type of asphalt equipment that you want. That’s why you should try to buy from a supplier that has a large selection of products available. That way, you’ll be able to choose the type of machinery that you want to buy.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific product, you’ll want to buy from a manufacturer that carries that brand. No matter who you ultimately decide to purchase your equipment from, you should ensure that you’ll have no issues getting the equipment that you want. Learn further at

An Excellent Reputation

You may want to reach out to others in the industry and talk to them about the suppliers that they typically use. If many of your colleagues have had a positive experience with a supplier, it stands to reason that you’ll wind up having a good experience as well.

Word-of-mouth can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to make decisions about which vendor you should work with. Find out what others have to say about the suppliers that you’re considering so that you can find the best place to buy your new asphalt equipment from. Don’t hesitate to seek out feedback.

Great Customer Service

If you have questions about your order, or if you run into an issue, how are you going to get the problem resolved? Ideally, you’re going to want to work with a supplier that will make this process easier for you. With excellent customer service, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of problems.

You should make customer service one of your priorities when you’re looking at different suppliers. If you send out an email to a supplier, you should pay close attention to how quickly they respond. Try to buy the equipment you want from a supplier that takes your concerns seriously. Refer to AIMIX Group to learn more.

Once you know what to look for, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the best suppliers that sell asphalt mixing plants. When you get what you need from a trustworthy supplier, you’ll have fewer problems to worry about down the road. You’ll be able to find the best equipment you buy, and you’ll know that your equipment will be shipped to you securely.

Factors Determining Asphalt Mixing Plant Prices

Are you wondering what the average asphalt mixing plant price is? The truth is that the price depends on a multitude of factors, including plant configuration, capacity (30t/h, 100t/h, 250t/h, etc.) and plant type (hot recycling plant, mobile, drum mix, batch mixing, etc.). The cost will mainly be determined by the core requirements of your project. Of course, choosing the right manufacturer is also important for benefiting from the most competitive prices. In order to get asphalt mixing plant price quotes from different suppliers, you need to be able to clearly state your specific requirements.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Type

With so many different varieties of mixing plants for sale, such as portable asphalt plants, hot mix plants, stationary continuous asphalt plants and more, buyer research is key. You need to research the advantages and drawbacks of each type of plant in regard to your asphalt manufacturing project. The cost difference between different plant types is also very high. A stationary mixing plant, for example, can cost more than tens times as much as a mini portable asphalt batch mix plant.

Hot Mix Plant Capacity

Choosing an asphalt mixing plant with sufficient capacity (hourly asphalt production output) for your needs is essential. You don’t want to invest in an undersized plant only to have to replace it with a larger capacity model. The capacity of different asphalt mixing plant is typically quoted in tons per hour, but drum mix plants often also have the mixing drum sizes listed. If you are not sure how to determine your required plant capacity, be sure to contact a top-rated asphalt plant supplier to discuss your project. The supplier will be able to help you select the perfect solution for your asphalt manufacturing needs. Learn further at

Asphalt Mixing Plant Configurations

There are many different design options open to you when it comes to choosing an asphalt mixing plant configurations. Some of the things to take into account include the size of meshes for vibrating screen, attached bitumen tank size, fuel tank size, finished mixture temporary storage facilities, baghouse dust collector quantities, aggregate hopper sizes and much more. Think about which brand of burner you want to buy, as well as speed reducer and electrical component manufacturers. The layout of your asphalt mixing plant and your choice of components will have an impact on the total cost of your project.

Asphalt Plant Prices

If you plan to buy your asphalt mix plant from an overseas supplier, there some other asphalt plant price terms that you need to understand, including ex-factory price, FOB price, CIF price, and dutiable value. CFI stands for “Cost, Insurance and Freight” and is typically covered by the seller. Refer to AIMIX to learn more. It refers to the cost of manufacturing, transporting and insuring goods until they reach the buyer’s destination port. The dutiable value is a value added to the total price by customs to collect tariffs on all imported and exported goods. Don’t worry about understanding all of the import taxes and charges, as overseas suppliers will provide you with a simple breakdown of all costs included in your asphalt mixing plant price quote.

How To Choose The Best Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer

Buying an asphalt drum mix plant can help you offer better services to your clients. This can be the beginning of a successful business. However, you have to make sure you buy high-quality equipment that will last for a very long time. This article shows you how to choose a reliable asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer.

The easiest way to do this research is by using an industrial directory or a large global trading marketplace. Always seek for manufacturers rather than retailers of such equipment. Buying directly from the manufacturer offers you several advantages such as lower prices and better customer services. The best places to look for asphalt drum mix plants are and

These trading directories list thousands of companies willing to find potential customers online. These companies are in China, India or other countries in Asia, but this doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with the top-notch equipment and services you expect. They are as reliable as your local equipment manufacturers. In addition, they are less expensive, because their operating and manufacturing costs are lower.

Direct comparison is another thing that can help you find the best deal and the most reliable provider. However, before proceeding to comparing quotes, you should do your research to put together a shortlist of trustworthy companies. This means that you need to check out their work experience and their results, as well as their certifications and their quality assurance policies.

Always keep in mind that your work doesn’t end with purchasing the right equipment. Setting up your plant will require assistance from the manufacturer, so you’ll have to make sure you pick a company that can provide you with timely and effective services. Also, the maintenance and repair works matter a lot, because they can make the difference between a plant that runs at full speed all year round and one that pauses production every other day for repairs.Learn further at

When comparing solutions, do your best to rule out unreliable suppliers right off the bat. This is easy to do is you seek for client testimonials and reviews. Besides, business directories can help you make the choice, as they publish client ratings and reviews for all businesses in their database.

This make sit easy for you to see at a glance who deserves your trust and who doesn’t. While you can trust these client reviews to be real, you should also do your own research to see whether these companies comply with your own requirements in terms of commercial conditions and quality of their equipment.

The cost of your equipment is also important, but it shouldn’t be the first and foremost selection criterion. If keeping your initial costs low means that you need to compromise on the features or on the quality of your asphalt drum mix plant, you’ll fail in your endeavor of setting up a successful business. Always invest in reliable equipment, even if you need to find additional financing to start your work. In time, your efforts will pay off. Refer to AIMIX to learn more.