What Exactly Is The Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Utilized For

Hot mix asphalt is actually a material that is certainly mainly used for paving that typically contains a combination of graded aggregates of numerous sizes that happen to be mixed and heated with measured quantities of liquid bitumen to make what is known Hot Mix Asphalt Asphalt is made of bitumen and crushed rocks.

Besides the recycled asphalt materials and aggregates which are utilized in the production of hot mix asphalt, the characteristics associated with hot mix asphalt is going to be determined in accordance with the grade and volume of bitumen that is used at the same time of producing asphalt. Learn more at AIMIX Indonesia.

The production processes of hot mix asphalt require heating and drying from the aggregates to make sure that the bitumen will coat and adhere easily to the materials. During the process of drying the aggregates are put in a slightly inclined, rotating dryer drum that features a burner.

The aggregates are introduced in the higher side of your drum. Within the drum are various flight types that perform purpose of providing even heat for the aggregates that also assists with making sure these materials are coated properly with bitumen.

Types Of Asphalt Plants:

Batch Plants – These also go by the name of the Discontinuous Tower Plant. These batch plants produce asphalt into batches.

Drum Plants – These also go by the name of Continuous Plants. These plants produce asphalt continuously.

The drum plants are generally counter-flow or parallel flow drum-mix plants.

mini size asphalt plant

About The Batch Mix Plants

Using the batch mix plants, the aggregates are first placed to the bins which form part of an aggregate feeder. From here the aggregates transfer in a drying drum employing a conveyor. These drying drums have flights on the inside of the drum that speeds up the drying process. Read further info at this page: https://aimixgroup.id/hot-mix-asphalt-plant-for-sale/

From this point the aggregates pass onto vibratory screens which separates the aggregates into various sizes. These aggregates then drop into different sized hot bins.

The Processes Of The Asphalt Batch Plant

Because the size distribution of the aggregates is controlled, the specified type and size of the aggregates will pass in the mixing-unit where it can be put together with a pre-weighed liquid bitumen which comes from the heated storage-tank. The aggregates and asphalt are then mixed together. The recent asphalt mix will then pass in to the appropriate hot storage truck or silo where it is actually transported to where it is needed.

Asphalt Characteristics

The style of highways and roads are influenced by the characteristics from the asphalt which is made in the Asphalt Drum Mix Plants. These plants satisfy the requirements of making certain the final items that are designed have the correct specifications making them suitable for applications like pavements.

Asphalt features different types of functional properties that impact road conditions including brake efficiency, tire wear, and road noises. Additionally, the rolling-friction converts what is known kinetic energy into different sound waves. For this reason, the feed rate, temperature, and mixing process over these drums needs to be monitored carefully to be sure the final asphalt mix contains the right specifications.