How about Investing in A Concrete Mixer Pump

The concrete mixer pump combines the functions of a traditional concrete mixer and a traditional concrete pump. It has become one of the fastest-selling products in the construction industry. It allows you to mix and convey concrete using one single machine. Such an arrangement presents a wide array of benefits that all contractors should consider.

This machine has seen a wide range of applications, from rural and urban housing constructions, tunnel and bridge constructions, ground beam projects, and so on. If you are looking to invest in a concrete mixer pump for sale, here are some things you should know:

Types of Concrete Mixer Pumps

In the market you will find two basic types of concrete mixer pumps, and they are classified according to their type of engine; Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump and Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump. Get more detailed info here:

  • Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

This type of concrete mixer pump makes use of a diesel engine. Since it relies on the combustion of fuel, it can be used in virtually all construction sites, even those in remote areas without electricity supply. It offers stable performance even in the toughest conditions. If you are looking for more flexibility, then this is your best option.

  • Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump

As you might have already guessed, this type makes use of an electric motor. It requires a stable and sufficient supply of electricity, thus it is ideal for city and urban construction projects. In the presence of an adequate power supply, it will offer reliable performance throughout the project. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly mixer pump, then this is your best option.

So, what benefits should you expect from a concrete mixer with pump?

i) Reliability and High Perfomance

While the concrete mixer pump has a smaller size compared to the traditional mixer, it has a high mixing speed. It is capable of producing high-quality concrete within a short period of time. This machine ensures that you have a constant supply of concrete throughout your project. Besides, its main target is small to medium scale construction projects. Learn further at

Additionally, the concrete mixer pump has a pumping capacity ranging from 30m3/h to 50m3/h which sufficiently meet the requirements of such projects.

ii) Requires Less Space

The compact and integrated design of the concrete mixer pump significantly reduces the amount of space needed to set up this equipment. If you are working in a site that has limited space, you won’t have to worry. Rather, than having two separate machines at the site, you’ll only have one.

iii) Affordability

Rather than having to invest in two different machines for your project, with a concrete mixer pump for sale, you essentially get two machines for the price of one. Additionally, it has a high rate of return on investment which makes it a truly worthy investment. Visit AIMIX Group to learn more.

iv) Easy Transportation and Installation

The concrete mixer pump is compact and comes fitted on an axle with wheels. This makes transporting the machine cheaper, less labor-intensive, and faster. The concrete mixer pump can be easily transported to a construction site and set up within a very short period of time.