How To Score The Best Deal On A Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Once you discover that the self loading concrete mixer truck is as good as it gets, why would you make a different type of investment? Well, it’s not quite as simple as that of course. There are companies that need batching plants, stationary plants, mixer trucks and other types of equipment. You have to decide what’s right for your business, but if the self-loading mixer truck is the best solution, you’re going to enjoy this.

That’s because this type of mixing truck truly is as good as it gets. The mixer takes care of storing and loading the aggregates and mixing and dispensing the finished product. The mixes are highly accurate, and you’re talking about a truck that does it all. The advanced technology of these mixing trucks is enough to make you giggle if you geek out about construction equipment. You and your crew will surely have a lot of fun with this mixer truck. Learn more here:

Maybe you think this type of truck is exactly what you need, but you’re thinking that your business budget can’t afford it as of right now. That’s understandable, and in fact, many business owners come to that conclusion. But there are some creative ways to get your hands on one of these trucks. The workaround isn’t anything fancy; in fact, it’s quite simple.

There are two possible alternative solutions. One of those solutions is that you can look at used self loading mixer trucks. There are quite a few of them on the market, and you can check out sites that feature the best listings. These mixer trucks are being sold by companies or private sellers. You can score a great deal on one of these trucks, but just like with buying anything used, you’re going to want to check it out first.

See how much you can save by looking at the listings. Compare the prices on new trucks to the prices of the used trucks. You’re going to find out that in some cases, you can save tens of thousands of dollars. But there is another solution though, and this option involves the purchase of a brand new self-loading concrete mixer truck.

You can buy a new mixer truck overseas from one of many available manufacturers. What’s great about this is there are several countries to choose from, and each of them have multiple manufacturers that produce self loading concrete mixing trucks. Just wait until you find out what kinds of deals await you. You might not be as familiar with the brands, and you might have other questions.

The truth remains, however, that there are many great self loading mixer trucks designed and built by overseas manufacturers. You might as well give them a look before you make your purchase. You might be pleasantly surprised, and you don’t want to miss out on that nice discount. Of course, you can also shop domestic suppliers to find the best deal, too, if you would rather go that route. Either way, you don’t have to pay top dollar. Refer to AIMIX Group to learn more.

Reasons To Invest In The Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The construction industry is continually benefiting from the advancements in technology. Currently, there are numerous reliable machines that engineers can use in their work. Concrete is one of the principal materials that require processing and delivery. The latest addition to the list is the self-loading concrete mixer. Initially, an investor needed at least three machines for the kind of work delivered by this device. The task was expensive and also slowed down the job. This machine, however, can reliably take multiple functions efficiently and prompty. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in it.

Reduced Operating Costs.

When investing, your hope is the money will bring home some profits. Choosing this machine is undoubtedly one gateway to achieving this goal. Working with the device is quite affordable. First, all its activities are fully automated. The provision eliminates the need for hiring people to undertake different activities. You will not have labor costs as the driver will move the machine around.

The machine can undertake tasks performed initially by several machines. Buying it shields you from having to make numerous investments. Also, these devices slowed down production, consequently increasing energy consumption. With the self-loading concrete mixer, you will notice a considerable reduction in energy bills. The machine can undertake all the tasks hastily, thus improving your business reputation.

Improved Efficiency.

Another vital aspect that comes with this machine is better service. The first and most important is that you will always deliver a fresh batch of concrete. The machine loads the raw materials into the mixing chamber, and homogenously forms the concrete. It has a reliable weighing system that reduces any chances of inaccuracies, thus delivering quality concrete. You can make the end product according to the specifications given by your clients. The machine does all the tasks within a short period. Through proper planning, you can manage to meet any demand without any setbacks.

The device comes in the form of a truck. The provision is an opportunity to take on any needs regardless of the location. The compact body and drive wheels can maneuver through varying terrains. It can still perform even in harsh weather conditions without presenting breakdowns or malfunctions. However, when they occur due to factors like wear and tear, the repair takes minimal time. With the machine, you have the assurance of a smooth working experience. Learn further at

User Friendly.

Another outstanding feature of the machine is that it is easy and safe to operate. The self-loading concrete mixer has no dead angles whatsoever, thus safety for the operator. The availability of a four-wheel drive engine ensures it can successfully move through different locations. Additionally, the control panel is understandable and located in the cab. The driver can use them to execute any functions on site. Lastly, it can serve for an extended period without the need for maintenance.

If you were skeptical about investing in the self-loading mixer, the above reasons should already convince you. The machine is an opportunity to elevate your business. Refer to AIMIX to learn more.

How To Estimate The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price

Buying constructions equipment such as concrete mixers requires solid market research and a good knowledge of your actual needs. As such equipment isn’t cheap, you can’t afford to purchase it from the first company you come across. More often than not, you need to gather information and to estimate the self loading concrete mixer price before making your purchase. This article shows you how to do just that.

You can follow the traditional approach to market research, which is to use Google or any other major search engine, seek for self loading concrete mixers, then check out the search results, one at a time, until you put together a list of manufacturers and prices. However, this may take you anywhere between one day and one week, as some of these websites may not publish prices, others may not showcase they exact type of mixer you need, while others may not even be in business any longer.

The faster way of doing research on the self loading concrete mixer price is to use or other such global marketplace that lists industrial products. Such business portals showcase businesses from all over the world seeking for international customers.

There are many China businesses that use this type of marketing to reach out to potential clients in the online environment. These websites offer you the advantage of efficiency. Once you use their internal search engine to seek for the type of concrete mixer you want, you’ll get a list of sellers of this type of equipment, with lots of details such as technical specifications, photos, videos, and price ranges. Learn further at

There are a few main factors that influence the price of concrete mixers or of any other kind of equipment for that matter. Technical specifications are only part of these factors. The location of the manufacturer is another thing that can affect the price. For instance, China, Indonesia, or Pakistan manufacturers may sell their equipment at lower prices than their counterparts in more developed countries.

There’s a simple reason for this; their manufacturing costs are much lower than the costs of companies in more expensive places of the world. Also, their labor costs are much lower, as salaries in these parts of the world are much lower than the ones in developed countries.

The result is that these manufacturers are able to sell their equipment at prices that are hard to compete with. All you need to do is to ensure you make your purchase from a reliable seller. Once you know for sure that you’ve found a seller you can trust, you’ll get your self loading concrete mixer at reasonable price, without any risk. Refer to Grup AIMIX to learn more.

The best way to proceed is to check the prices on AliBaba, but keep an open mind and do research among local sellers, as well. Also, if you don’t mind buying used equipment, you may find excellent opportunities to save money on this purchase. If you can afford to wait, you may even be able to grab some special deals.

How To Gain Access To The Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price

One of the most unique concrete mixers ever created is a self loading concrete mixer. They are ingenious, allowing you to bring material to the jobsite where you can weight, mix, and batch it, and also discharge the concrete once it is ready. These provide a lot of convenience for those that do this every day. Instead of having to travel a great distance to reload your concrete mixer with new concrete, you can do everything at the jobsite. These can be much more expensive than your standard concrete mixers. That’s why it is important to only work with the best companies. This is how you can find the best self loading concrete mixer price.

How These Concrete Mixers Function

Concrete mixers are very simplistic industrial machines. You have likely seen them going down the street. They are constantly rotating the drum to keep the concrete from setting and hardening. This is also what you have with those that are self loading. The primary differences a separate set of controls and mechanisms on these trucks that will allow you to add different components to mix your concrete. Of course, you will need to bring the cement, aggregate material, fly ash, and have access to water before this will work.

How Do You Assess The Different Ones That Are Made Today?

There are just a few factors to consider when you are purchasing one. Each of them is going to have a different model number. They will have various drum capacities, discharge capacities, and a different number of gears and controls that you can choose from. Additionally, consider the drum rotation rate and the amount of electricity that each unit will use. This can play a part in making the right decision. If you have a large company, for instance, then you may want to opt for the larger more expensive units because it will help you complete your jobs much more quickly. Learn further at

Making The Right Choice

The best choice for any company is to stick with your budget, yet at the same time, get the exact machine that you need. To do this, you must evaluate a multitude of different self loading concrete mixers and the prices that they are charging. If you can, speak to representatives of the company about each machine. Find out if they have any available right now. If they do, inquire about when they can be shipped, how long that will take, and what the overall cost will be. You can add that to the total cost of each unit and make the right decision.

Obtaining a self loading concrete mixer for a good price is not a difficult process. It does take time, and you do need to know how to evaluate each one. As long as the size of the drum, and the discharge capacity are adequate, you should invest in one of these instead of a standard concrete mixer. It will save you time, and will likely help you take on more jobs, regardless of where they are located. Just remember to evaluate each company before you make your purchase. Some of them are very well known and reliable. These factors will lead you to the best self loading concrete mixer price. Visit AIMIX to learn more.

The True Importance Of Searching Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price

Have you been wondering regarding the self loading concrete mixer price? Are you aware of the main parameters that separate high-quality mixers from all of the the others in the marketplace? Here is what you must understand about getting a self loading mixer for top level value for your money.

Prices are Important

There is no denying that the buying price of a mixer is very important as it costs lots of money. In the end, you can’t just buy one from the nearby mall. It costs thousands of dollars and is a significant investment for many businesses. Read further here:

However, choosing something depending on the cost is not right when buying this sort of important piece of machinery. There are additional important things you need to concern yourself with as opposed to focusing only on the price if you would like obtain a good return in your investment in the long run.

These more important things include excellence of the machine, expected service life, standing of the emblem, after sales service made available from the corporation as well as other important parameters. From the below paragraphs, we are going to further explore these parameters to provide you a good grip on items that really matter in terms of getting a self loading mixer.

Expected Service Life

Whenever you examine the prices of those machines, you’ll find that the retail price difference may be in the plethora of hundreds and hundreds of dollars between different brands whilst the features seem similar. There exists a good reason why reputed brands charge a premium for products. They may have the desired experience and knowledge which suggests they prefer good quality materials with regard to their machines and because of this ,, their machines are able to withstand the daily damage for an extended time period. Learn more about concrete mixer Indonesia.

To put it briefly, their machines will often have a longer service life as compared to cheaper brands. In addition, their machines typically need less spending on repairs and maintenance when compared with cheaper brands which implies their machines come to be cheaper when comparing the lifetime cost of ownership.

Easy Option of Parts

An additional advantage of sticking to established brands is the fact that spares are often available. A self loading mixer provides extensive moving components which means these components will break down over a duration of time and you will have to replace those components. You do not need to get yourself into a situation where you will need to depend upon one company for replacement components. You wish to get a machine where components are readily available in market at cheap prices.

Design and Efficiency

It is usually one of the most overlooked facet of a self loading mixer. The design of the mixing drum as well as the mixing screws within the drum in addition to position of the weighing unit and also other components of the device play a vital role in the overall efficiency of your concrete mixer. Therefore, you should think of various designs and select the one that is ideal for your own requirements. Visit to learn more.


Overall, it won’t be wrong to mention that focusing only around the self loading concrete mixer pricing is an oversight. Instead, you should think of standing of the corporation, accessibility to spare parts, expected service life, total price of ownership and easy operation among other things to be able to select the right self loading concrete mixer.